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To bet or not to bet? To play or not to play? Come on, what a stupid question! If you are on this page, answer is obvious!

Millions of gamers around world `ll tell you that you must play, but only under one condition - only 1xbet should be a bookmaker. Why? Everything is simple: only 1x-company offers to subscribers its advanced invention – 1xbet mobile app.

Therefore, welcome to amazing and diverse world of excitement, luck and big money. Glade to meet you at our friendly 1xbet family.

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I need 1xBet App. Where can I get installation Apk file?

Let's be clear: 1xbet apk file is wiring file of program that was specially developed by programmers of 1x-company for their clients with devices running on Android, iOS and Windows.

There are two ways to get program archive to your phone:

1. Download the App from Play Market, Apple Store or Windows Market;

In this case, you get a program that, unfortunately, is «frozen». The fact is that there are only a few countries in world where games of chance are officially allowed and judicial. And since apps from official Market automatically determine your location, you simply `ll not be able to play and this Application `ll only take up space in your Smartphone.

2. Pump Apk file on official 1xbet resource.

You can shake document with program either on the platform page in web of Corporation-1x or on partner sites. In this case, you can be absolutely sure that along with file you `ll not get a dozen «viruses» that `ll lead to problems with your device.

How to shake Apk file:

  1. Click on link to shake document;
  2. Choose the type of your OS;
  3. Specify path to save the file;
  4. Unpack archive and launch the extension.


  1. Before shaking file, make sure that there is enough free place on your device;
  2. Visit the options of your gadget and `ll allow me to receive files from outside pages.
1xbet app android download

How can I download 1xBet App for Android?

So congratulations, now you are at level 2.

It's time to unpack Apk file and install the App. It `ll be much easier than you can imagine.


Before installing, make sure that unit has enough memory and OS version 4.1 or higher.

And now we go directly to the installation:

  1. After shaking , a pop-up notification `ll appear on which you must click «Allow installation»;
  2. If application module has failed, refer to «Configuring security»;
  3. Click on «Unknown resources»;
  4. Click «Allow» to get files from unknown origins;
  5. Finish uniting and log in to 1xbet.

Now, when the app file is in the file Manager of your device, you can start working with it on your Android. Now you can manage your finances, view or place bets, study Analytics, and of course play!

How can I download 1xBet App on iOS device?

What `ll you do if your device's operating system is iOS? In this case, you have 2 ways to get Apk to your device:

  1. Shake 1xbet app from Apple store;
  2. Shake Apk file from 1xbet website.

In both cases, you `ll have to change settings of your iPhone or iPad globally. Apple takes the security of its devices very seriously and doesn't like it when users shake third-party programs.


Since wager 1x-company is officially considered a banned company in India (in fact, like other betting companies), there is a chance to face some challenges installing App on iOS.

Instructions on how to install 1xbet app for iOS:

  1. Open in your Settings Apple ID section;
  2. Change country, district, and index to country where betting gambling is legal;
  3. Agree to user terms and accept privacy policy;
  4. Change your geolocation settings;
  5. Add your credit card number and select a payment method;
  6. Fill in your personal information in form.

Congratulations! Now your unit has a Mobile App from world-famous 1x-corporation.

Now I see that you are ready to go to the most important thing - to register with the most rated Corporation-1x.

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I have a Windows phone. Can I download the 1xBet App?

If you can't use Android and iOS apps, you can use official company-1x brow align-items-centerser.

1xWin App

It may happen that you `ll have some difficulties downloading 1xbet app in your country, because bookmaker is prohibited here. In this case, 1xWin `ll help you.

This is a universal application that can be installed on mobile phones , desktop computers, or laptops. You can shake 1xWin App on official website of bookmaker.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the «Desktop Apps» section;
  2. Choose what you need: «Pump App for PC», «Pump brow align-items-centerser app», «Pump App for Linux-OS»;
  3. Open downloaded file;
  4. Unpack archive and complete installation.

1xbrow align-items-centerser

1xbrow align-items-centerser is a native brow align-items-centerser for Windows that allows you to avoid blocking a site with a mirror in some countries. It can be installed on a PC or laptop. You `ll have access to your account, flows, transaction history, deposits and withdrawals.

1xbrow align-items-centerser is downloaded for free on official 1xbet website and takes you into world of online betting.

1xbet apk free download

Are there system requirements and recommendations regarding the 1xBet App?

Of course, in order to play and place bets using Annex from 1xbet, your unit must meet certain requirements.

For Android

The 1xbet app is compatible with Android 4.4 or later. This requires Internet connection and a resolution of 320 x 480 and 25 mb of free memory.

The Android App is available for Acer, Asus, ZTE, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizy, LG, Lenovo, HTC and Samsung phones.

For iOS

1xbet Annex for iOS is available for iPhone 5 and later versions of Apple model. In addition, you must have at least 25mb of free memory. The App also supports all world languages.

For Windows

The latest version of desktop 1xbet app for Windows is updated manually on your computer. To do this, it is better to check for updates on the bookmaker's website. main drawback of this application is lack of language selection. The App works exclusively in English.

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What else should I know about 1xBet App and Mobile Version?

Mobile version is a lightweight version of official 1xbet website, which has exactly same features and capabilities as the official App or PC brow align-items-centerser.

Contrary to General opinion that Mobile Version is not completely convenient to use, it is also able to solve any issues by searching for a «mirror». In addition, it works perfectly even when Internet speed is low.

If you have any problems connecting, technical assistance team, like Chip and Dale, `ll rush to help you 24/7.

The technical support team is always ready to:

  • Answer all questions from App users;
  • Fix problems with mobile app;
  • Process requests for deposits and withdrawals;
  • Block accounts for fraud or delete pages at player's personal request;
  • Give benefits and gifts from company.

Be proactive and recommend a new game to participant.

apk xbet file

I downloaded and installed the Apk 1xBet. How do I register via Mobile 1xBet App?

Once you have downloaded and installed 1xbet apk file on your device, it's time to go to registration. In fact, registering with Mobile Annex for ratting is similar to registering via a brow align-items-centerser on your computer.

Mobile Version users are provided with four ways to register on gaming platform:

✦ Using your phone number

This is one of easiest ways to register. All you need is your mobile operator number and your imagination to come up with a password.

How to register a page on a 1xbet site using p-number:

  1. Write your country and mobile phone number without international prefix;
  2. Select currency;
  3. Pass spam protection and click «log In»;
  4. Jot code from message;
  5. Enter password you received in message;
  6. Fill in your personal data.

✦ Using your email

The method is completely similar to registration by card number, only player's alias and password are sent by system directly to email address.

To register with 1xbet mobile via email, you must:

  1. Write down your email address;
  2. Enter your country, region, and city;
  3. Put your name ;
  4. Specify currency;
  5. Enable «Register».

✦ Logining in One click

Do you want to register in a few minutes? Then this method is for you! All that is necessary, 1x-corporations system `ll do itself, including coming up with a username and password for you.

What is needed for this:

  1. Log in to your country;
  2. Specify currency;
  3. Put a tick in field «Spam protection»;
  4. Click «Register».

You `ll see a window with your username and password on screen. Fulfilling them on the landing page would make you able to start wagering. Congratulations, now you are also part of s system.

✦ Registration via social network

Another registration method that takes a minimum of time. Its advantage is that 1xbet copies all necessary information from your social network page.

How to become a part of a betting Corporation using your network data:

  1. Go to «Log in» menu;
  2. Select any public network from list below;
  3. Click network icon;
  4. Allow mobile App to access your bottom data;
  5. Write down your password.

As you can see, you do not need to enter questionnaire data yourself - everything is filled in automatically by system.

After you have decided on the registration method and provided your data, there is a line «Promo code» below. It also needs to be filled in, because this gives certain privileges to new users.

1xbet app android
free 1x application

After registration, I received 1xBet Promo Code. How do I use it?

1x-company is famous for being very fond of giving out bonuses. For example, customers who have registered on 1x-corporations platform receive a 100% bonus on their first Deposit. But main condition is to fill in your personal data in questionnaire in detail.

How to activate a Promo Code

In order for welcome bonus to start working, you must make your first Deposit. As soon as you do this, 100% bonus `ll be activated and charged to your special bonus account.


The service from booker must be returned in five times amount. To do this, you must win at least 3 times Expresses, provided that coefficient is at least 1.4.

Promo Codes from us can be found:

  1. On official webpage;
  2. On partner sites;
  3. In Telegrams channels dedicated to betting;
  4. On pages of bloggers, athletes and other famous people.


The welcome Promo Code is only valid for 30 days from date of registration.

1xbet mobile app download

What other Bonus and Promo programs are available in 1xBet?

The Corporation regularly comes up with new promotions and benefits for its clients, regardless of whether they are new or professional players. Bonuses are the business card of 1x-corporation.

In order to get benefit from 1x-corporation, you must:

  1. Open main menu;
  2. Select event;
  3. Confirm your participation in it.

In 1xbet app, in the favor section, you `ll find following «Gifts» from the Corporation:

✦ Star Jackpot

FOR WHO For ambitious gamblers who like winning big
WHAT’S SPECIAL You need to make bets and complete all daily tasks
TO KEEP IN MIND Check system requirements beforehand. Some of the stakes get illegitimate if you fail to complete the tasks within 24 hours

✦ Advance Bet

FOR WHO For newcomers and professional gamers
WHAT’S SPECIAL If you do not have foundation in your virtual wallet account 1xbet `ll give you two gratuitous games
TO KEEP IN MIND The winnings from this offer may only be obtained if you manage to win 2 unsettled bets

✦ Birthday Bonus

FOR WHO For birthday gamers
WHAT’S SPECIAL 1xbet offers free bets if you are a regular customer and it’s your birthday. On this date, 1xbet `ll email you a special promo code. With this code, go to website, search for the promo code section and enter your birthday promo code.
TO KEEP IN MIND Just enjoy your birthday

✦ Series Of Losing Bets

FOR WHO If you experience a consecutive losing streak of 20 bets within last 30 days
WHAT’S SPECIAL It ranges between 250 to 500 USD from your betting amount
TO KEEP IN MIND 1xbet requires your registration before claiming this bonus

✦ 1xRace

FOR WHO For newcomers and professional gamers
WHAT’S SPECIAL You’ll have to make minimum qualified bets for same events for as many as 5 days in a row align-items-center. You’ll get the free bets up to 37 pounds after 5 days streak
TO KEEP IN MIND Just enjoy your game

✦ Accumulator Of The Day

FOR WHO For active newcomers and professional gamers
WHAT’S SPECIAL You’ll be allowed to bet on the most played combos of day. In case you win bet, you are to get another 10% in addition to amount you gained from wager
TO KEEP IN MIND Be active throughout game series
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1xbet app apk download

What about Promotions?

In app, in «Events» section, you can find dozens of different promotions. But most popular and most generous were and `ll be Black Friday and Happy Wednesday.

✦ Black Friday

On this day, each player has opportunity to win from 1$ to 100$ on their bonus account or «draw» a lucky ticket for free games.

✦ Dual Environment

This is day when everything is multiplied by two. Only on Wednesday, players can double their pot, provided that it does not exceed 100$.

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What should I do to start playing 1xBet ?

So, are you ready to make your first bid? Then go ahead!

Let me explain to you, using example of cricket, how to place bets?

So, in order to place a bet in 1x-corporation Mobile Annex, you must:

  1. Select cricket from menu on left. (All sports lines are provided here and more popular sport higher it is located on list);
  2. Go to its page;
  3. Select bid type;
  4. Click on coefficient of desired bid, and your choice `ll appear in coupon;
  5. Specify the amount you want to bet;
  6. Click on «place a bet» button and wait for end of cricket competition.

And in order to make it easier for you to decide on type of bid, I `ll tell you what Mobile Application offers us:

  • Single bid;
  • Express bids;
  • Express betting combination system;
  • Live.

We recommend that you start playing Live. Experienced players and professional analysts say that this is where chances of winning are 9/10. This is because bets are placed during game, when the winner is obvious. And if you are in doubt, you can always cancel your bid.

1xbet mobile version
android app

Can I play Casino and other Games?

Have you ever visited the LIVE casino section? If not, what are you waiting for! A convenient menu, atmospheric interface and exciting gaming activities are waiting for you.

1xbet casino is divided into three sections:

  • Casino
  • LIVE casino
  • 1xCasino

In addition, there is a huge selection of mobile slots and other gambling games.

But if you are not a fan of gambling, then you `ll appreciate E-Sport section. By way, you can not only place bets online during tournaments in e-football, e-Formula-1 and other sports, but also submit a request to participate.


How to deposit money and withdraw my winnings using the Mobile 1xBet App?

Mobile Annex contains hundreds of different payment systems and options for adding funds to your gaming account and withdrawing money from it. And main thing is that in addition to traditional currencies such as dollars, euros and national currency of countries, you can play with cryptocurrency here.


1xbet is strictly prohibited from using its platform for transferring funds between accounts and reserves right to block suspicious accounts.

Deposit methods

In order to top up your Deposit account, you can use methods shown in table.

Type Minimum Deposit amount Fee for service
Bank card
Visa, MasterCard
1 USD / 1 EUR No
Perfect Money, Eras, etc.
Mobile payments
Airtel, Airteltigo
Cash Deposit at 1xbet office
Through the terminal
ecoPayz, Peyeer
Credit card
AstroPay, Paykasa
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Verge


Company-1x does not charge a Commission for withdrawing funds, but your payment system does! Be careful and keep track of your finances!

Withdrawal methods

The Mobile App also offers extensive selection for withdrawing earned moneys from your account.


We do not recommend storing large amounts on your gaming account, otherwise you `ll be suspected of fraud and your account `ll be blocked.

Type Minimum amount Fee for service
Bank card
Visa, MasterCard
1.50USD / 1 .50EUR No
Perfect Money, Eras, etc.
Mobile payments
Airtel, Airteltigo
Cash Deposit at 1xbet office
Through the terminal
ecoPayz, Peyeer
Credit card
AstroPay, Paykasa
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Verge
free apk for android app
1xbet application


To sum up, you should definitely become a part of a large international family of 1xbet mobile.

Starting today, you can bet on various games and kind of sports wherever you've been located.

Mobile App from 1xbet - easy navigation, great design, LIVE transfers, personalized marketing offers for wagering, casinos and games. To summarise, mobile App present you a maximum of payment methods and prompt cash withdrawal.

Welcome to wonderful world of excitement, good luck and big money.

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